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Editorial Staff

Jason Burke, editor

I am interested in trends and making projections. Baseball is the sport I love, but I follow all of the major ones. I write for both Swingin' A's and Golden Gate Sports. Follow me on Twitter for snarky Bay Area coverage.

Nick Avila, Staff Writer

22-year-old college student with an abnormal passion for sports. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Played sports all my life, now I feel like writing about them. Hates: Trades involving Carlos Gonzalez and Matt Holliday. 40 million dollar salaries. Loves: White cleats. Milton Bradley-Nick Swisher handshakes. 20 game win streaks.

Tony Frye, Staff Writer

Tony is a musician in the bay area and a life long A's fan. Along with writing for Swinin' A's, Tony maintains the Microbrew Music blog, records music and performs whenever he's not in the right field bleachers.

Richard Paloma, Staff Writer

I've been a fan of the Oakland A’s since their move to Oakland in 1968 when I was just a kid. Through The Mustache Gang, Billy Ball, The Bash Brothers, The Big 3 to the current team structure, I've been a follower of the team celebrating the good years while tolerating the lean ones. I basically grew up at the Oakland Coliseum (all sports) and still am there regularly throughout the baseball season. A graduate of THE St. Mary’s College of California and owner of over 35 throwback jerseys, my relationship with baseball has resulted in memorabilia donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame and a plethora of baseball knowledge in my head. You can follow me on Twitter at @RichPaloma

Will Eusebio, Staff Writer

Will loves the Oakland A's in particular, baseball in general, and really will get up for any compelling sporting event. When not talking to spreadsheets or writing about baseball, he also plays DIII club rugby (poorly), runs a bit (slowly), cooks (he says well, but it's vegan stuff so who knows), and plays with his 2-year-old boy/monster. So if you were to ask him, Will would say life is pretty rad. Will is from Portland, OR and doesn't mind when you call him an NRAF. His bay area family all root for that other team, but he loves them anyway.

Devin Pangaro, Staff Writer

Devin Pangaro is an anomaly. A lifelong San Franciscan who has shunned the San Francisco Giants and spent his entire life arduously following every detail of his favorite team. The Oakland Athletics. Armed to the teeth with a Creative Writing degree from San Francisco State and a deep love and respect for all things baseball related, this writer seeks to bring an insightful and entertaining perspective on the sport. When not furiously typing behind his laptop, Devin can be found patrolling the softball fields of San Francisco with his team, The Sledgehammers.

Owen Watson, Staff Writer

Owen is an East Coast native turned Oakland Coliseum resident. He's a big fan of huge beards and Sabermetrics, and is full of baseball statistics no one needs to know, but probably wants to.

Aaron Somers, Sr. Personnel Director

Aaron Somers is the FanSided Network's Senior Personnel Director and has previously served as the Editorial Director for our MLB sites. He's been a part of the FanSided Network since October 2011. Baseball has long been his biggest passion, but he has a healthy obsession with most sports (though admittedly there are many that he's a better fan than participant). He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with his wonderfully understanding wife and daughter.

jbenitez, Staff Writer

Kyle Franzoni, MLB Editorial Director

Kyle Franzoni has the unfortunate distinction of having his very first baseball memory be that of Mookie Wilson's slow grounder going through the legs of Bill Buckner. Since then, it has been an up and down love affair with the game, which naturally lead to putting his thoughts to digital paper and trying his hand at writing about the game he loves. A native of Vermont, where he lives with his wife and twin sons, Kyle is editor of Jays Journal and is the Editorial Director for FanSided MLB.

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Executive Team

Patrick Allen, VP, Content & Strategy

Allen is VP, Content & Strategy for the FanSided. He has been with the network since 2009 when he was hired to be the editor Arrowhead Addict. He lives in Brooklyn, NY and is proud to be a tortured fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers.

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