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Are Oakland Athletics Fans Just Homers?

Last week I was engaged in a Twitter “debate” with a self-proclaimed fan about the actual quality of my beloved team versus the quality perceived by most Oakland Athletics fans. The final argument used against me was simply, “you’re a homer,” to which I replied that supporting a team does not automatically make you a homer.  Urban dictionary defines a “homer” as a fan that blindly supports their team and makes outrageous claims without taking any stats to the contrary into consideration.

Am I a die-hard A’s fan?  Yes.  Since I was a kid going to games and seeing the Bash Brothers and Rickey and Eck, I have bled green and gold.  Did I think for a second we’d go to the world series during those years when we were scraping by with 65 or 70 wins? Absolutely not.  No matter how badly I wanted them to be great, there are seasons that it’s just not going to happen and I’m the first to acknowledge that.

“Pretty confident if how many times you were wrong were a disease it would be called an epidemic” –  Josh Donaldson 

The argument this “fan” was making was that the A’s actually suck despite back to back division titles, the best record in the American league, 12 consecutive winning months, the best record in all of baseball since 2012, four players in the top 10 for all star votes, a staggering run differential, the most runs in the AL, the most RBI’s in the AL, and the second most homers in the AL.  Three of the top 10 RBI producers in the AL are on the Athletics and Josh Donaldson has crossed the plate more than anyone in the league.  Our pitching staff has the best ERA and lowest opponent average in all of baseball.  To say that I’m a “homer” with stats like that is ridiculous.

Is the team perfect?  Absolutely not.  Early struggles with the bullpen have contributed to nine blown saves and low production at the bottom of the lineup, from two of our best defensive players, leaves us with some holes during rallies but all of that aside, the A’s are killing it this year.  Losing two of their starters has hardly affected the team and despite struggles from certain players, there’s not a single player that is not a threat for the long ball in the lineup.  Even Josh Reddick (who the “fan” I was arguing with hates with a burning passion), is tied with Jed Lowrie for RBI’s this year and nobody is arguing for Lowrie to go back to AAA.

We need to come up with a name for fans that have no interest in their team winning.  Those fans that put so much time complaining about the minor problems with a good team while ignoring the many strengths of the team.  The guy at the bar that yells “automatic out” when a struggling hitter steps up to the plate or anticipates a sweep against their team even when they’re playing inferior ball clubs.  If I’m a homer for supporting a strong contender, I’m going to call you a tailgater for bashing a winning team you, supposedly, love.  Why a tailgater?  Because the guy I was arguing with has clearly inhaled some exhaust fumes and is delusional.  While I’m driving to the post season, this guy will be sitting behind complaining about the crowds.

If you’ve got a better name, I’d love to hear it.  Maybe there already is a name for this type of fan and I just don’t know it.  It’s worth noting that this “fan” predicted that the A’s would drop out of first place during the Angels series and never go back.  After the sweep, Josh Donaldson himself told our tailgater, after he admitted to Josh he was wrong about the A’s losing three to the Angels, “Pretty confident if how many times you were wrong were a disease it would be called an epidemic.”

I think that says it all.


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  • Frankie Martinez

    Good job Tony for defending our A’s. That “fan” is just a hater. Those types of “fans” give you headaches and migraines…that’s all they’re good for…

  • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

    Awesome!! I have my down moments feeling discouraged as a fan but I do my best not to voice them. Doesnt always work. I was ourspoken in Barton’s case this year but its been 8 years! Same old routine over snd over so I felt relatively ok in voicing my displeasure with Barton. However much I may have wanted 3 I never booed him nor have I been a “boo – bird” to JJ even tho of course I have been frustrated. A lit of other fans dont seem to get undying loyalty. They may say they bleed green & gold and there are about winning not dtickimg thru the difficult times the way Cuns fans do or Red Sox fans used to. Id never heard of a “homer” b4 this article but ppl on Twitter can be hella lame. Some guy went off on me saying I called him a bad fan (in his defense hewas obviously drunk & prob embarrassed in the morning and I cant judge bc it ismt as tho I havent been there). Just igmore amy negative Twitter chatter. We have a hella bomb ass team thid year and I absolutely not wait to see hoe far this ride to our third straight division chsmpionship and beyond will go. All I can say is that win or lose 2014 has neen amd is gonna be one helluva seaso n fot the Oakland A’s! #IHellaLoveOakland! !

    • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

      Sorry 4 the typos. Im on my stupid phone!!! Ugh! I hope u get the gist … LOL!!

    • Tony Frye

      I couldn’t stand Barton and Johnson gives me ulcers every time he takes the mound. Now, a homer would say that Barton should stay or that Johnson is the best closer in the game but a true fan, like you and me, can look at the weak links and say, my great team could be a little bit greater. I’m not saying there’s no room for complaining about aspects of the team but when the overall picture is good, don’t be too bleak. Whatever, I doubt that guy’s been to a single game this year. I’ll buy him a beer if he can sit with me in right field and not say one bad word about Reddick for the whole game!

      • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

        Haha! If that ever happens let me know! I’ll join you!! (I’m in 128 behind the bullpen!) Go A’s! Green Collar!! (I’d have to keep my mouth shut about Reddick offensively to be honest but he’s still Spiderman out there!!)!

      • matt wilson

        How can anyone say anything about Reddick the dude has heart and passion, plays like Burns did, but has a GOLD GLOVE

  • Carl Elftman

    Great job! I have been an A’s fan since 1965 and I have suffered with the losing and celebrate with the winning. I live in Mesa, AZ now so I follow the A’s through mlb and these writings. So, keep the good work and maybe we will win it all!

  • matt wilson

    I’m so sick of hearing people bash Reddick. The guy is by far one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. Everyone needs to shut up about his avg. He plays with passion, heart, and for the love of the game. He makes up for his avg defensively big time, his arm, and GOLD GLOVE (by the way) make up fro anything he does offensively. As for Johnson and the A’s players that question the fan base or “look at us differently now” they need to realize that when we as fans PAY to watch the rest of the team play hard and get a lead then Johnson comes in ( in home games) and blows the lead that’s frustrating for the fan base. Let me ask you this Donaldson if you guys make it to the World Series and are 2 outs away from winning a title but Johnson blows the game and you guys lose, would you not be upset with him? That’s how it is for us REAL A’s fans, we want a title so bad, because we are tired of hearing about those sorry ASS bandwagon fans across the bay saying that the Giants are better. The best feeling as an A’s fan is knowing that in 1989 the A’s swept the Giants and won a title.