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Yoenis Cespedes Has Monster Game for Athletics

The Oakland Athletics clinched the series win tonight against the LA Angels and extended their lead in the AL West to 3.5 games. That was in large part due to Yoenis Cespedes.

Today Yoenis Cespedes showed the brilliant player that he can be when he plays to his full potential. He had two assists on amazing throws to the plate that saved the Athletics a lot of trouble and more importantly, runs. He made some great catches out there as well. His defensive plays proved game-saving on a night where the Angels were all over the Athletics pitching staff, teeing off with hit after hit.

Not only did Cespedes save runs, he drove a lot of them in. With Donaldson on base, Cespedes hit a double that put Donaldson at 3rd. That put Donaldson in position to score on a sacrifice fly by Derek Norris. That wasn’t his RBI, but he set it up to happen.

After that, Cespedes hit a Triple in the 7th inning that drove in Nick Punto and Jed Lowrie for 2 runs. That put the Athletics up ahead for the first time that game.

It only seemed fitting that Cespedes put the icing on the cake and finish the scoring for the night with a blast of a home run that also drove in Craig Gentry and Jed Lowrie. The final score was 11-3, a game in which the Athletics were down 3-0.

Yoenis Cespedes truly saved the day today. He is the reason the Angels only scored 3 runs, and is the cause for 5 of the 11 runs scored, and a 6th wouldn’t have happened without him. That means that even if the rest of the lineup didn’t drive any runs in, Cespedes could have saved the game with his 5 runs alone. He got the offense going, he got the first hit of the game for the Athletics.

After a brilliant performance like today, let’s hope Yoenis Cespedes can keep it up and go on a hot streak.

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