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Careless Whisper or Let It Go (Frozen) Best Walk Up Song?

Josh Reddick has made waves through the internet, even trending on Facebook at one point for choosing “Careless Whisper” by WHAM! as his walk up music.

It has now become a fan favorite, much like the Bernie Lean in 2012. It is a very unusual choice for a walk up song, which is why it went so viral. Everyone was praising Josh Reddick for his choice of song.

But is it the most unusual this season?

That’s for you to decide.

But before you say that it is, don’t forget about Tony Sanchez from the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you were not aware about his unusual walk up song, then here’s what you need to know. Tony Sanchez began the season using “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen as his walk up song.

Don’t pretend you haven’t heard it, everyone has.

In my opinion, the unusual walk songs are the best ones. They stray from the normal music that all of the other players choose to play. Most players choose from Rap music or Rock or Country. Nobody ever picks a popular 80’s ballad or a song from a Disney movie.

So which one is better? There’s Josh Reddick, with his 80’s ballad “Careless Whisper” and there’s Tony Sanchez with “Let It Go” from a Disney movie.

Can’t decide? Here are some video’s to help you out.

Here is the only video of Tony Sanchez with “Let It Go” playing as his walk up music:


and here is Josh Reddick with “Careless Whisper”:


Which Walk-Up Song is the better one?

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