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Oakland Athletics Won't Face Detroit Tigers in ALDS

Oakland Athletics fans are very familiar with the Detroit Tigers. Since 2006, they have been the team to knock the Athletics out of the postseason every single time. In 2006, it was a sweep in the ALCS. In 2012 and 2013, it was a game 5 loss to Justin Verlander that knocked the Athletics out. In 2014, they will face the Detroit Tigers again, but it will be in the ALCS.

It has become very apparent that the Oakland Athletics and the Detroit Tigers are the best teams in the American League. The Toronto Blue Jays are on a hot streak similar to last season’s 13 game win streak, so it’ll be at least another month or so until we can determine whether or not their success is one that they can sustain all season long.

The Athletics and the Tigers will end up at the top of the American league. One of these two teams will end up with the no. 1 seed. The other will most likely get the 2nd, meaning that these two teams will not face each other.

That is great news for the Oakland Athletics. The Athletics can get past the Detroit Tiger in 7 games.

For example, last season the Detroit Tigers used Max Scherzer out of the bullpen in game 4, because they only needed 1 more loss to be eliminated. If it was a 7 game series, they wouldn’t have done that. The Athletics could have won game 4 if they didn’t have to face Scherzer. It’s not a fact that they would have. They might have still lost it, but facing the Tigers bullpen gives you a way better chance of winning than facing Max Scherzer instead. This is just speculation though.

Overall these two teams are the power houses of the American League. In 2014 they will face each other in the postseason yet again. It will most likely be in the ALCS, and if it gets to that point, the Athletics may finally reach the World Series.

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