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Dear Daric Barton

As most of you already know, Daric Barton was designated for assignment. For more information on that, we have the full story here. It should come as no surprise that many A’s fans have had mixed reactions about Daric Barton during his tenure with the team. It seems as though every season, fans are clamoring for Barton to be sent down to Sacramento in favor of another player.

Barton is a career .247 hitter without much pop, but that isn’t what this piece is about.

The idea behind this article is to send Daric Barton some words of encouragement, and well-wishes.

Daric Barton has not been the player we expected him to be, but he has heard an earful from the fans every year since 2007. Have we heard any reaction from him? No. Has he let on that it bothers him? Never. With Barton being DFA, we may have seen him for the last time.

This all comes about because last night at the Giants’ game (I know, I know, but it was a baseball game and Metallica was there) there were fans that were heckling a certain relief pitcher, Mike Dunn of the Marlins. This is all a part of the game of course, but what they were yelling was, “One year contract” to the tune of “Let’s Go Oak-Land”.

I can’t tell if I didn’t find this funny because they were Giants’ fans, or because this guy is trying to make a living, signed a one-year deal with Miami, and it can’t be easy being heckled.

This isn’t meant to make you feel sorry for baseball players. Trust me, I know they make a ton of money, but the fans in Oakland are the best, and I’d like us to prove it. What I would like to have happen, is for you to write something in the comments section directed at Daric Barton.

If there are enough responses in a week’s time, we will compile them into another article and send it to the A’s and River Cats to show our appreciation for Daric Barton.

He may not have the power of Moss, the speed of Coco or the charisma of the rest of the team, but he’s one of our guys and we should always support our own.


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