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Poll Question: Should Athletics' Fans Boo Jim Johnson?

Jim Johnson has been unable to close out games in Oakland, but has performed much better on the road. There are some that believe that the boos are affecting his performance at home. Some believe that we shouldn’t boo our own players. Others don’t care about either, and feel that his performance has dictated the response.

A couple of days back, we posted an article about Jim Johnson and the Boo Birds. I gave my opinion on the matter, and the comments suggest that many people disagree with my personal stance. The object of this post is to get a feel for how the entire Athletics’ fan base feels on the subject.

Keep in mind, there are no wrong answers, just personal opinions. Please be respectful of people who don’t vote the same way you do.

That being said, feel free to elaborate on your opinion in the comments section below.

Without further delay, here’s what you all came here for, polls!!

Should Fans Boo Jim Johnson

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