May 4, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Oakland Athletics pitcher Sonny Gray (54) delivers a pitch during the first inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Will Sonny Gray's Arm Hold Up All Season?


There has been concern by Oakland Athletics fans wondering if their new shining ace Sonny Gray will be able to hold up under the stress put on the body of pitching an entire season, since this is his first full season in the major leagues.

Last season, there were concerns as to whether or not he would hold up going into October. He proved the naysayers wrong, pitching in two of the ALDS games against the Detroit Tigers.

This season, Sonny Gray will do the same yet again. This may be his first full season in the major leagues, but he spent a full season in 2012 in the minor league’s pitching. He spent his 2013 season in triple-A pitching until he was called up to the major leagues. His arm can endure full seasons. It won’t be any different in 2014. He can pitch entire seasons, and he will do that for the Athletics all the way into October once again.

The arm that the Oakland Athletics should worry about is that of Jesse Chavez. Chavez has been a reliever for quite a while now, and there is concern over whether or not he can last an entire season as a starter.

There is a way that Jesse Chavez can last. It won’t guarantee that he will, but it raises his chances. The Athletics need to take advantage of every off day that they can. If they can manage to skip Chavez every once in a while, the extra rest will do him well. That will bring down the total pitch count throughout the season, giving him more to work with later on in the season, like in October.

Sonny Gray will hold up, and if the Athletics can finally get some luck to go their way, so will Jesse Chavez.

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