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Josh Reddick Back to Form?

Just a few days ago, Josh Reddick’s performance had people wondering if 2012 was a mirage. The past two games, Reddick is 6 for 9 with a HR and 3 RBI, raising his Batting Average to .200. The caveat is that both of these games have been played against the Houston Astros. The question remains: Is Josh Reddick really back or is this weekend an apparition?

In 2012 Josh Reddick became a fan favorite by hitting 32 long-balls, playing stellar defense and hitting his teammates with pies. In 2013, he struggled at the plate, tallying only 12 dingers. Some fans blamed his lack of power on a nagging wrist injury which Reddick sustained early in the season.

On the bright side, Reddick was striking out at a lower rate, walking much more often, and had a higher OBP in 2013, even with a lower batting average than in 2012.

To start of the 2014 season, Josh looked lost at the plate. His swing has been very long, and he has been trying to pull everything. He is also averaging more than a strikeout a game. In Oakland, hitting coach Chilli Davis doesn’t mind the K’s. He has been teaching his hitters to have longer at-bats by fouling off pitches and waiting for a good one to hit, and drive. This weekend, Reddick has been doing just that.

The Astros have a team ERA of 4.75 this season. Many will argue this is just a case of Josh Reddick being able to hit bad pitching. It could also give him the confidence he needs to propel himself into success at the plate. Let’s not write off Reddick’s performance this weekend as “he’s just hitting bad pitching” just yet. Let’s wait and see how he does against the Texas Rangers this coming week, and revisit this conversation.

At the very least, Josh Reddick can hit against the Astros. Well, we’re in luck because the A’s face the Astros a total of 19 times this season. If he is unable to do much against other teams, so be it. The Athletics have the much more consistent Craig Gentry waiting on deck. The team will be successful whether or not Josh Reddick is a major contributor.

On the flip side, maybe this is just the series Josh needs to get him going on a tear.

Is Josh Reddick back? It’s too early to tell, but we can hope for the best, having already planned for the worst.


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