Stay Strong Oakland Athletics Fans

The Oakland Athletics suffered yet another disappointing loss, but keep your heads up Oakland Athletic’s fans. There is no reason to be upset.

The Last two seasons, the Oakland Athletics lost Opening Day as well, yet they went on to win the division. Last season, the Athletics lost the first two games, then went on a 9 game win streak. They can do the same thing this season as well.

Last Season, whenever the Oakland Athletics lost a game, they would bounce back and win the next. There was a point last season where the Athletics did not lose consecutive games for almost a month. If they lost one, they would win the next. They also had winning records every month, a streak that is 8 months strong.

The game is a marathon, not a sprint. While it’s tough to swallow the loss, remember that this team has a fighting will, and doesn’t take a defeat and dwell on it. They shake it off, wake up those bats, go out there and win the next day. Bob Melvin makes sure to instil that in his players and it shows. This team can come back from anything. So just swallow the loss, get a nights sleep, and wake up ready for that first win of the season with Kazmir on the mound against his former team. As they in the Coliseum, Let’s Go Oakland!!

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