Live Coverage for Oakland Athletics Opening Night

We here at Swingin’ A’s are keeping you covered inning by inning for today’s game, with thoughts on how it’s going as well. Feel free to comment and start a discussion, this is a site for A’s fans by A’s fans. Here is your live coverage for opening night.

top of the 1st

Nyjer Morgan walks

Nick Swisher walks

Jason Kipnis strikes out swinging

Carlos Santana Grounds into a force out

Michael Brantley Grounds out

So this was a really tough inning for Gray. He went through 29 pitches, of which only 13 were strikes. Let’s hope Gray can pull things together next inning and get on track. Hopefully he can recover and at least give us 6 innings.

bottom of the 1st

Coco Crisp lines out

Josh Donaldson grounds out

Jed Lowrie flies out

So our offense is off to a slow start, getting three outs in only 9 pitches. Let’s hope they wake those bats up!!

top of the 2nd

Ryan Raburn grounds out

Asdrubal Cabrera Singles

David Murphy called out on strikes

Yan Gomes strikes out swinging

so Gray is racking up strike outs early, but he’s already at 48 pitches in 2 innings. He is still struggling, and it’s not looking like he’ll make it past 5 innings at this rate.

bottom of the 2nd

Brandon Moss grounds out

Yoenis Cespedes Strikes out

John Jaso doubles!

Josh Reddick flies out

So our offense is not heating up yet, and it’s already becoming a frustrating game. Masterson only has 24 pitches.

top of the 3rd

Nyjer Morgan grounds out

Nick Swisher pops out

Jason Kipnis strikes out swinging

So it’s looking like Gray is getting on track, with his first three up three down inning in only 11 pitches. Let’s Go Oakland!!

bottom of the 3rd

Daric Barton pops out

Eric Sogard grounds out

Coco Crisp singles

Josh Donaldson grounds out

So the offense is waking up a little bit. Sogard had an 8 pitch at bat that really helps. Masterson at 41 pitches.

top of the 4th

Carlos Santana walks

Michael Brantley doubles

Ryan Raburn strikes out swinging

Asdrubal Cabrera reaches on fielders choice, Carlos Santana out at home

David Murphy grounds out

So another tough inning for the Sonny Gray, who is now at 79 pitches after 4 innings. Looks like he may only go 5, unless he really does good in the 5th and stays under 90 pitches.

bottom of the 4th

Jed Lowrie grounds out

Brandon Moss grounds out

Yoenis Cespedes pops out

So another frustrating inning. Right now the offense is looking pretty dead, and if we want to win this they need to hurry up and wake those bats up.

top of the 5th inning

Yan Gomes singles

Nyjer Morgan out on sacrifice bunt

Nick Swisher out on strikes

Jason Kipnis grounds out

So Sonny Gray is at 90 pitches exactly, he may be out in the 6th but probably won’t finish it. We’re still at 0-0 heading into the bottom of the 5th.

bottom of the 5th

John Jaso strikes out

Josh Reddick grounds out

Daric Barton flies out

C’mon Oakland, you can do better than this! Let’s get that win!!

Top of the 6th

Carlos Santana pops out

Michael Brantley doubles

Ryan Raburn singles, Michael Brantley to 3rd

Asdrubal Cabrera reaches on a fielder’s choice, Michael Brantley out at home

Indians challenge the play at home, first challenge of the season for an Athletics game folks!

Challenge fails, the call stands.

David Murphy strikes out swinging

Sonny gray went 6 innings, and is likely done. 6 rocky but shut down innings.

bottom of the 6th

Eric Sogard walks

Coco Crisp out on a sacrifice bunt, Sogard to second

Donaldson singles, Sogard to 3rd

Jed Lowrie grounds out

Brandon Moss flies out

So Masterson is doing a good job of keeping the Athletics quiet, but he’s at 80 pitches through 6 innings, so he will likely make it 7 innings pitched, if the A’s can drive the pitch count up, maybe they can win against the bullpen.

top of the 7th

pitching change: Luke Gregerson replaces Sonny Gray

Yan Gomes strikes out swinging

Nyjer Morgan flies out

Nick Swisher strikes out swinging

Gregerson does outstanding! 9 pitches, each out in 3 pitches. He may go into the 8th inning as well with such a great performance.

bottom of the 7th

Yoenis Cespedeslines out

John Jaso strikes out swinging

We may go into extra innings!

top of the 8th

Sean Doolittle replaces Luke Gregerson

Jason Kipnis singles

Carlos Santana flies out

Michael Brantley strikes out

Ryan Raburn strikes out swinging

Doolittle also does well in his debut. It’s looking like this one is going to have to be a walk off if we don’t score in the 8th!

bottom of the 8th

Marc Rzepczynski replaces Justin Masterson

Daric Barton singles

Nick Punto replaces Eric Sogard

Nick Punto flies out

pitching change: Cody allen replaces Marc Rzepczynski

With Coco Crisp batting, wild pitch by Cody Allen, Barton to second

Coco Crisp walks

Josh Donaldson singles, Barton over to third, Coco Crisp to 2nd

Jed Lowrie strikes swinging

Brandon Moss grounds out.

A wasted opportunity, 1 out with the bases loaded and they couldn’t bring the runners in.

Top of the 9th

pitching change: Jim Johnson replaces Sean Doolittle

Asdrubal Cabrera walks

David Murphy  singles, Asdrubal to 3rd

Yan Gomes hit by pitch

Nyler Morgan out on a sac fly, Asdrubal Cabrera scores. 1-0 Indians

Nick Swisher singles, David Murphy scores. 2-0 Indians

Jason Kipnis strikes out swinging

Carlos Santana grounds into a force out

Bottom of the 9th

Yoenis Cespedes flies out

John Jaso walks

Josh Reddick strikes out swinging

Daric Barton walks

Nick Punto strikes out swinging

So the Athletics lose, in a very disappointing way.

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