Bret Boone, Oakland Athletics coach? Bret Boone, Oakland Athletics coach.

In baseball at least, I suppose it’s not all that irregular for a former adversary to switch allegiances post-career and join a former foe in employment matrimony. The Athletics after all currently employ former San Francisco Giants alumni such as Bob Melvin, Chili Davis, and Craig Lefferts in high-ranking positions, and have cut checks for the likes of Jeffrey Leonard, Chris Speier, and Juan Marichal in recent years. Even, 1988 World Series tormentor Orel Hershiser interviewed for the Athletics managerial job back in 2006.                                                                                                 bretboone-e1395617026388

So it should come as no great surprise, that former Mariners great Bret Boone has joined the Athletics organization this spring as a minor league instructor and recently filled-in as Oakland’s first base coach during a split-squad game. While it’s yet to be revealed if Boone’s appearance will lead to full-time position in the organization, it’s safe to conclude that the former All-Star must have made a positive impression on Melvin who managed the slugger from 2003-2004 as captain of the Seattle Mariners.

Owner of one of the more pronounced celebratory bat flips in big league history, Boone spent the most productive stretch of his career in Seattle from 2001-2004. A member of the historic 116-win Mariners club of 2001, the two-time All-Star finished third in MVP voting that season after clobbering opposing pitching staffs to a .331/.372/.558 batting line with 37 home runs. Boone’s powerhouse of a season, resulting in a 7.8 WAR and .950 OPS in his age-32 year resulting in the obligatory steroid speculation as noted by Jose Canseco, in his book Juiced.

Although Boone’s connections to Melvin are well stated, the second baseman has a distant connection to Athletics baseball through his father, Bob Boone who managed one season in the Oakland organization for the Tacoma Tigers in 1992.

So, there’s a little bit of trivia to impress your friends. Do with it what you will.





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