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Jed Lowrie Should Stay With Oakland Beyond 2014

The Oakland Athletics acquired Jed Lowrie in a trade with the Houston Astros last season, and he had a career year, playing in more than 100 games, something he never used to do being an injury prone player. He became a vital part of the Athletics offense, and he’s looking to be just as great in 2014.

Lowrie’s contract was only for two years however, and it expires after this season. Most expect Lowrie to leave in Free Agency with the A’s top prospect, Addison Russell, expected to make it to the big leagues. That would be a really bad move on the A’s part. Lowrie enjoyed a career season in Oakland, and he can have plenty more with the A’s… at second base.

Second base is a position that has not featured a great hitter for the A’s recently. Sogard and Callaspo are decent players, but if you can have someone like Russell in the lineup in their place, it would be an upgrade. It is possible for both Lowrie, who is known for hitting a lot of doubles, and Russell, a predicted All-Star to be in the lineup together. It would involve extending Lowrie’s contract, and making him the everyday 2nd basemen, with Russell at shortstop. There is the possibility of throwing in guys to platoon with, but the DH spot would still have them in the lineup nearly everyday.

I know it may be too early to talk about 2015 when 2014 hasn’t even started, but it doesn’t hurt to speculate. Lowrie is a great consistent hitter, and Oakland would be wise to keep him around longer than what his contract currently says. This way, the A’s would upgrade at second base, upgrade at shortstop, and still have the same core group of guys around to keep a sustained success. The A’s have a rough 2014 ahead of them without Jarrod Parker, but if they don’t get that World Series win in 2014, they will definitely do it in 2015.

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