Bob Melvin, Acting Superstar. Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

VIDEO: New Oakland Athletics Commercials

The first commercial features the A’s trying their home run tunnel out in different ways. Here is the link to that video. Embed

The second video is Josh Donaldson in a therapy session with the tarp he climbed over last season to make a spectacular catch. This one is worth the watch. Embed

These commercials were released at a great time for A’s fans. Last week was a little rough with all of the injury news. This week, they are putting up huge amounts of runs, and seeing solid performances from pitchers that could have a huge impact on the season. 

Yesterday Bob Melvin was very accessible before the game and was signing autographs. He even commented that the A’s fans have definitely been louder than the other fans the past couple of days. We’re ready for some baseball, but these commercials can hold us over until the 31st.

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