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David Price to the Oakland Athletics?

With the recent wave of bad news hitting the Oakland A’s, many are wondering whether the A’s should look outside of the organization for some help. Whether it be through a trade or through a free agent, some think they should get someone new aboard for the season with Jarrod Parker being out for the entire season.

Seeing as how Ervin Santana recently signed with Atlanta Braves, there isn’t much for the A’s to get as far as free agency goes. So what would be the Oakland A’s choices as far as trades go?

Well the biggest name that was expected to be traded was David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. I love Price, he’s an outstanding pitcher that I knew that we would never have, as nice as it sounds. It’s still just speculation, but what if the A’s traded in what they have left in the farm system for this amazing ace? They have newly acquired Billy Burns, who has wheels for legs and had a breakthrough start with the A’s in Spring Training. They also have Michael Taylor, who is showing a vast improvement this Spring. Burns and Taylor wouldn’t be enough for Price, so what else would the A’s have to offer in order to meet the Rays price for Price?… Pun intended.

Well they also have Raul Alcantra who turned heads and looks to be a promising pitcher in the big leagues someday. They may even consider trading someone on the 25 man roster in order to get Price. Beane is known for sending away fan favorites against the fan’s wishes. Maybe offering a pitcher like Milone or Straily, along with a couple of minor leaguers would get the job done. There’s a lot of mix and matching they can do to put up an offer for Price. Overall however, the Athletics would never do that. Beane isn’t known for going out and signing big name players or trading for them.

But imagine that, an Oakland A’s rotation with Price as the ace. Sonny Gray and Scott Kazmir right behind him. Throw in Jesse Chavez in the fourth spot and you’ve got yourself one solid looking rotation. If they brought Price back in 2015, it would be Price, Gray, Parker, Kazmir, Griffin. Sounds amazing and like a dream come true, but it will never happen. It’s fun to speculate though.

The Oakland Athletics are a team that doesn’t go out and spend big. They don’t make bold flashy moves and they don’t rely on household name players to win the division. They depend on talent they find and unearth. They assemble their roster with a ton of depth, for situations exactly like this one. They have depth in place. They aren’t going to go out and bring someone new in. In fact, they are going to look within their own organization for their rotation needs. As you’ve probably read, the A’s rotation will most likely look like this; Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Jesse Chavez, Dan Straily, and Tommy Milone. A.J. Griffin will be back in late April or early May.

Don’t panic A’s fans. We may not be bringing in guys like David Price, but we have enough talent and depth to still have a shot. The A’s have enough offensive talent to win games, even with Milone or Straily on the mound. In their past 7 games, they have scored 68 runs. They have great offensive talent, they will score enough runs to win games, even without Parker.

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