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Fantasy Baseball: A Rivalry Begins

A couple weeks back, on the Giants‘ page they announced a plan that we have had in the works. Our two sites will be competing in Fantasy Baseball for the upcoming season. Writers and Editors will draft teams from all of the talent in baseball and one of us will be crowned at the conclusion of the season. Of course, this is only for bragging rights, but both sites would really like to win the title.

The rules are as follows:

*20 team league

*AVG, HR, OBP, RBI and SB are the offensive categories. There are no runs, so that your players are rewarded for their performance, not the performance of someone else driving them home.

W, K, ERA, SV, and WHIP will be the pitching categories.

The participants have already begun talking smack on Twitter, so this season will be full of excitement and name calling.

The team name I have for now is Gentle (Ed) Lover, which refers to Coco Crisp’s new dance for 2014. I am not completely sold on the name, so if you have any other (moderately clean) team names, post them in the comments section below. Do you get a prize if I pick your suggestion? Yeah, sure! I’ll follow you on Twitter!

This should be a highly competitive league, and we are all looking forward to draft day on March 24. We will post draft results here before the season starts and keep everyone updated throughout the season. If there is anything better that one person ragging on someone’s team, it’s an entire fan base joining in the fun.

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