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A's Offense: Who's Hot and Who's Not

The Oakland A’s have gotten underway with their Cactus League games, and we can now begin to evaluate the offense and see who’s doing good and who isn’t. For the sake of time, only players who are on the roster or are fighting for a spot will be on list.

Who’s Hot:

Sam Fuld

Fuld was aqcuired by the A’s more recently. He was mostly there as insurance, and it proved a useful move. Gentry is out for 10 days for a bad back. That has given Fuld a chance to shine early on. He had two hits in his 3 At Bats against in his debut against the Giants in the Cactus league opener. He also scored both times he got those hits. He only had 2 At Bats in the game against the Brewers, in which he didn’t get any hits, but in today’s game against the Giants, he managed to get another hit, a triple in fact. so he has 3 hits and 3 runs in 7 at bats, which is a pretty good start. Fuld is proving he can get hits and is making a statement that he should be given a shot in the Big Leagues with the A’s.

Nick Punto

This one is a little tricky. Punto only has 3 at bats so we can’t really say if he’s hot or not, but in those at bats he got two hits and also scored on both times he got on with a hit. The third at bat came today and it was a walk. Even if he failed to get on base the next 7 tries, he would still have an OBP of .300, which isn’t likely to happen. It’s looking like Punto is going to do very well.

Josh Reddick

This is probably the best news out of Spring Training, Josh Reddick might just be back! In his first 6 at bats, Reddick has 3 hits, two singles and a double. If Reddick can continue this trend he will be back to his 2012 form if not better, and with his amazing defense we’ll definitely be seeing Josh Reddick in the lineup everyday. It may be a little early but welcome back Josh Reddick.

Who’s Not:

Eric Sogard

I know it’s early. Two games for a sample size is small, but it’s all we have. Sogard has had 5 At Bats, and he doesn’t have a single hit or walk. He has 2 strikeouts. He has a month to make things right, so hopefully Sogard can pull it together and at least platoon at second base, he is a fan favorite after all, especially with becoming a finalist in the Face of the MLB competition.

Yoenis Cespedes

This isn’t a name  you want to see on the list. In 6 at bats Cespedes only has 1 hit, and it was a single. He still has a lot of time to improve but it is rather disappointing after hearing about his new approach and new swing. It isn’t as bad as some of the others but considering the expectations we all have of him, it’s fair to say he fits in the not hot category for now.


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