Foul Play Involved in David Wright Winning?

Eric Sogard lost to David Wright in the Face of the MLB contest in the final round. I remember voting as much as I could for Sogard as well as getting everyone I could to vote for him. I spent all day monitoring his lead and making sure he stayed ahead. All day Sogard was ahead or tied, but he was not behind once. I was even planning on pulling an all nighter to make sure I could keep him ahead if possible.

It was around 3 o’clock in the morning when I saw Sogard was ahead with 55%. I thought it would be safe to sleep seeing as how there was only 2 hours left and Sogard had a comfortable lead. So I did. And when I woke up the first thing I check is the MLB website to make sure Sogard was the winner. And much to my dismay, David Wright somehow won.

I’m not usually one to cry foul play, and this contest was all in good fun. It seemed a little mysterious to me that Wright had never held the lead once and then all of a sudden he manages to get enough votes to win and come back from a 10% deficit. I thought it was weird but I didn’t question it much. I just said oh well. Until I read this article.

If you didn’t click on it, it describes how there was a suspicious amount of a ton of votes coming from South Korea in favor of David Wright. I had no idea that South Korea had so many Mets fans! As Sean Doolittle cleverly tweeted, he said “I wish I loved something as much as South Korea loves David Wright.”

I agree with Doolittle. I’m not saying there was foul play, there’s no solid evidence. But it is a little suspicious for so many votes to come from South Korea for David Wright at the very end, the last two hours, of the contest and not at any other point in time. Do you think there was foul play? Let us know in the comments below.

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