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Face of MLB: Votes Reset at Midnight?

It’s nearing midnight on the West Coast, and A’s fans are still flocking to Twitter to cast their votes for #EricSogard as #FaceOfMLB. There is a rumor that your votes are reset to zero at midnight, giving each voter an extra 25 votes.

This could adversely affect a possible Championship round between Eric Sogard and David Wright, if all of our votes for the day are wiped out until midnight the following day. However, it is also rumored that votes are again reset when a new round begins. There is no way to check and see if either of these claims are correct, because the only rules that are shown are when the voting periods are and how many votes each account gets.

Eric Sogard is leaving the ball in our court, and we should deliver. Not just for him, but for the entire fan base. For the players who have been supporting their teammate in this tournament.

The Face of MLB tournament may be a bit of a joke, but it is proving that A’s fans support their team more than anyone else. We don’t need bribes. We just show up and vote. We are minimalists. The Coliseum isn’t as flashy as any of the other ballparks, but it’s our home. It has its flaws, but we embrace them and take offense to others that talk trash about our home. We are proud. We have fun with opposing players. We’re the best fans in baseball.

Let’s lock up this victory tonight, and do it all again tomorrow. #EricSogard #FaceOfMLB

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