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Face of MLB: Battle of the Bay Update

We are at midday, and our Eric Sogard still has a decent lead in the Face of MLB contest. It currently sits at 68/32 our favor. Like most A’s fans though, I have been voting all morning and exhausted my 25 votes long ago. We need to reach out to our Dodger friends, use our work accounts and just get the word out there that #NerdPower is where it’s at. Great, now I have Beck stuck in my head.

The other fans will undoubtedly make a strong push around 5 o’clock when they’re all off of work. The key is to offset that with a push of our own. It can be early or late, it doesn’t matter. Just get your votes in. I sound too much like P. Diddy’s “Vote or Die” campaign. My apologies.

Don’t know how to vote? All you have to do is vote with two hashtags. #EricSogard #FaceOfMLB. That’s all! Or you can follow this link and just click “vote” under the player that looks like a wizard.

I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the excitement in the fan base on twitter today. It makes me proud to be an A’s fan. People have gotten very creative with memes all morning. Some fans are posting pictures of themselves celebrating Nerd Power. Others are placing Sogard in popular movies from the 80s. Great job everyone! Let’s keep it going and make sure the second Battle of the Bay ends up much like the first.

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