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Let's Eliminate Buster Posey From Face of MLB


This weekend’s matchup to advance for a chance at Face of MLB supremacy is between Houston Astros‘ Second Baseman Jose Altuve and Giants‘ Catcher Buster Posey. Based on talent alone, Posey should win this round, yet at the time of this writing, he is down by a sizeable margin, 68% to 32%.

Why is this on Swinginas? Believe it or not, we A’s fans are not fond of the Giants. For Christmas, a Giants’ friend of mine got me a Buster Posey jersey-shirt. The beauty of this was that she bought it at the Giants’ team store, so if I return it, I can only get more Giants’ stuff. I still haven’t decided what to do with it. But alas, I digress.

Buster Posey is a great person, and an amazing player, but he’s a Giant. But don’t let that be the only reason you vote.

Jose Altuve is a very talented player as well, he has just been on a mediocre team the past few seasons. Altuve plays with a lot of heart, and never lets the losing get him down.

He also plays in the AL West, and at least for me, there is a begrudging respect towards the teams in our division. I have rooted for the Angels in the World Series (granted they were playing the Giants) and also for Texas in the World Series (once against the Giants, once against the Cardinals). I root for these teams because I know them the best out of the remaining teams in the playoffs, and NEVER while the A’s are still in the hunt.

Looking ahead, the winner of this matchup faces the winner of the Troy Tulowitzki/Eric Sogard matchup on Tuesday. Sogard matched up with either of these players would be a fun round of voting for the fans.

For this weekend, I say the fans of Houston and those in the East Bay unite and knock out this baby-faced, all-star and all around good guy in Buster Posey. It’s nothing personal Buster, just some good natured fun. Grab some pine, meat.

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  • TGWithers

    Assholes, An A’s player will never be the face of MLB

  • SFGFan44

    Wow, really? This is sad. A’s fans like you must just be mad that Eric Sogard is the most famous person on your team. Posey should win because he is clearly the better player. And “Grab some pine, Meat” is a Mike Krukow saying, so as an A’s fan, you have no right to use it.

    • Steve Borden

      If you truly believe Sogard would be the most famous person on our team then you’re truly a Giants fan. You know lacking knowledge about baseball. The type of fan that’s anxious to pick up a free agent that’s ready to find a nickname for his player who’ll be released in 2 months.
      I’m sure you’d be chomping at the bit of voting in an A’s superstar (if there was one right now) or any other teams superstar. You guys would try to vote in Kickham as the face if you could.

      • SFGFan44

        Kickham will never be close to being the face of the Giants, or the MLB. And Steve, I have more knowledge of baseball than you or anyone you know. I clearly know that Sogard isn’t the most famous person on the A’s, that would be Cespedes or Reddick or Crisp or Donaldson. And the fact that you think that Giants fans don’t have baseball knowledge is insulting, we have a very knowledgeable fanbase.

        • Steve Borden

          The older fans do have knowledge these new blowhards don’t. Loving their panda hats and crying when Andres Torres was let go. And Sogard isn’t the most popular player but it’s fun making a mockery of this event. It’s dumb and useless. Surely I won’t vote for Gerald because no grown man should go by a name like Buster.

  • Jason Burke

    It was just some good natured fun. I actually praised Posey quite a bit in the article and said that us A’s fans just don’t like the Giants is all. The article wasn’t meant to be a personal attack, and I’m sorry if you feel that it was. A’s fans love Sogard because he is the embodiment of the A’s underdog spirit. There could have been 10 players that would be our face of the franchise, and that speaks to our team as a whole.

  • Jason Burke

    This is not meant as a dig, I am just curious is all. Who is the Giant’s top prospect in the eyes of the fans? Will Kickham have another opportunity in the bigs?

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