The End of the Bernie Lean

On Saturday at the annual Oakland Athletics FanFest, a tragedy occurred. If you were a fan in 2012, you probably remember the Bernie Lean. It was huge with the fans. It was great. Then in 2013, it died down and eventually completely disappeared.

As a huge fan of the Bernie Lean, I was hoping 2014 would resurrect the Bernie Lean, but sadly Coco Crisp announced there will be no Bernie Leans this year. In fact he announced it’s replacement, the Ed Lover dance. I was not familiar with this dance, so I looked it up. Here are both of the dances.

The Bernie Lean:



The Ed Lover Dance



So what do you guys think? Personally I’m a bigger fan of the Bernie Lean, and am sad to see it go. I really had high hopes of it’s return in 2014. In 2013, they made a commercial featuring Crisp and Reddick analyzing how to do a perfect Bernie Lean. They then would give those numbers to the rookies. But when the season rolled around, the Bernie Lean disappeared. Will this new dance be something to catch on with the fans? Or will it be a bust? I think it’ll be big at first, but slowly die down. 2015 will bring the return of the Bernie Lean, or at least I have my fingers crossed.

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