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Oakland A's Player of the Day: Scott Kazmir


Scott Kazmir is today’s player of the day, and like Gentry, he wasn’t on the team last year. But we welcome him with open arms. He is getting the biggest contract any starter has ever received in Oakland. Let’s take a look at whether the money will be worth it or not.

2013 Pitching

Kazmir was with the Cleveland Indians in 2013. 2013 was Kazmir’s rebound season, in which he pitched his way to a 4.04 ERA. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super excited about this one. $22 million for a pitcher who has an ERA over 4.00? But then I thought about it, and realized we have to believe Beane can see something we can’t. In Beane we trust. Let’s look at the positive parts of Kazmir. He had more wins than losses with a 10-9 record. He may have had a high ERA but he can still be an effective pitcher and has room for improvement. He did help lead the Indians to a postseason berth last season. And considering how bad his last year pitching in 2011 was, 2013 was a great first step to redemption.

2014 Pitching

Kazmir is good pitcher, but I don’t see him being an ace in Oakland. I think he’ll at best be in the 3rd or 2nd spot. Kazmir will improve upon his 2013 numbers because he will be working on any of his issues with the great coaches in Oakland that know how to bring out the best in their players. So Kazmir will have a better season than his last, but not good enough to be in front of Parker or Gray in the rotation. Kazmir will be an overpriced 3rd spot rotation starter but given how pricey the rest of the market is, it’s a good enough deal to say it’ll pay off in the end.


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