Betting on Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics are one of the MLB teams that are considered seriously in contention next season by the bookmakers, both for the American League and the World Series. In both cases they have been placed just outside the big favourites, which will make them attractive bets for a lot of people. Of course it is all very early days, with the season not due to start for another six months or so, but then that is part of the point of making outright bets in the first place – so should you put your money on Oakland for anything this coming season?

If you aren’t keen to gamble on the favourites, because the odds are too low, then Oakland could well be worth a look for either title next year. They are not exactly long-odds outsider bets, as you can get 8/1 on them for the American League and 16/1 for the World Series, but this will at least give you a slightly higher sum of money if the gamble pays off. Of course for the punter who really wants to aim high, these odds will still be far too low to be worth the bother. Furthermore, if you think it is too far in advance of the season to risk any sort of MLB bets, a sports themed online casino slot will be the perfect close season alternative.

There are lots of these games – generally slots – at JackpotCity mobile slots to pick from, taking in everything from baseball games like ‘Hot Shot’ to athletics ones such as ‘Track and FieldMouse’. However, whichever one you choose to game on, you will be able to compete for the sort of jackpot that really makes the bets worthwhile, as well as enjoying a unique blend of your favourite sport and casino gaming. Slot games like these sports themed ones are also remarkably cheap to play, often letting you gamble as little as $0.01 for each pay line, while providing multiple ways of improving your chances of finishing up with a payout.

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