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Panic in Oakland? Billy Beane is MIA

While the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels are wrapping up trades to bring in big bats like Prince Fielder and David Freese, respectively, what are the A’s doing? While some A’s fans are hoping and praying Billy Beane reels in a big name like Nelson Cruz, others are unrealistically hoping Lew Wolff hits the lotto and signs Robinson Cano. Then there’s the group of fans who know there probably won’t be any big signs or trades in the near future for Oakland.

Although I wish the A’s would make a splash, I’ve come to the realization that Nick Punto is more than likely the best we’ll get, and I’m fine with that. While we may not have a roster with star names, and ESPN pages and analysts may not know whether our starting third basemen’s name is Luke or Josh or whether Brett Anderson‘s name is really Brian, we still have something that the Rangers and Angels haven’t had for two years: the AL West crown.

Even though the A’s are more than likely to lose two All Stars, including their ace of 2013 and record-setting closer, this isn’t anything new. When the A’s, before the 2012 season, traded three All Stars, Gio Gonzalez, Trevor Cahill and Andrew Bailey, away, fans became absolutely furious with everything that had to do with baseball, but somehow-someway Beane put together a team that performed and again matched the puzzle pieces in 2013.

With that said, we all just have to wait patiently and put some trust in Beane while we wait for the season to begin, and who knows, maybe Billy will surprise us with something special and the misfit A’s can once again defy the odds and experts and continue their success.

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