Josh Reddick's Wrist Surgery a Success

The 2013 season was something of a lost season for Josh Reddick on an individual basis.  While the Oakland Athletics fought their way to their second straight AL West title, Reddick struggled to find any semblance of consistency.  Much of his struggles were blamed on the wrist injury he suffered early in the season in Houston on an ill fated dive attempt into the wall in foul territory.

Reddick hit .226/.307/.379 with 12 home runs in 441 plate appearances in 2013.  His 2012 season featured just about the same rate of reaching base, but with far more power at .242/.305/.463 with a whopping 32 home runs.  The major difference in Reddick’s season was the huge drop off in his home run total, and that can likely be tied directly to the wrist problems.

It’s been well documented that Reddick has struggled since about July of 2012, and most of his offensive output happened in the first three months of the season.  What changed during the month of July that year?  It’s tough to say, but perhaps Reddick fell in love with his new found power and stopped taking quality at bats.

This surgery was something that Reddick likely needed from the moment this injury took place, but he fought through the injury and continued to play.  Now that the procedure has taken place, and he’s on the road to recovery, the real test for Reddick will take place.  If he returns to form in 2014, then they really can blame his lost season on the injury.  He still needs to improve his approach at the plate though if he wishes to return to his near-All Star form of early 2012.  A return of power though would help eliminate concern about Reddick’s past struggles, and would make his defensive skills that much more valued.

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