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Swingin' A's Weekly Recap: March 17th-24th

It’s almost time for baseball, A’s fans. The A’s are getting closer and closer to their Opening Series against the Seattle Mariners in Japan. The A’s have played exceptionally well this spring, but we all know spring training games are rather meaningless when gauging a team’s playoff chances. This spring did, however, give fans some glimpses into the future with the arrival of guys like Tom Milone, Jarrod Parker, Brad Peacock, Josh Reddick, and Yoenis Cespedes.

Those young players provide fans with a little hope for the future of this organization. The A’s went out and traded two-fifths of their rotation this past winter with Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez both being shipped out of Oakland. The A’s scored a few notable prospects in both the Cahill and Gonzalez deals. Developing those players, however, will be the real test for the Athletics.

Billy Beane & Co. have tried a rebuilding phase before in the past, but the results from those efforts have generally been mixed. Beane’s made mistakes in the past with the Matt Holliday trade serving as a strong reminder of Beane’s inconsistency with his own rebuilding phase. In order for this latest round of the “youth-movement,” the A’s (and Beane) will need to stay committed to their efforts to go “young.”

While we wait around and see whether or not Beane stays committed to this latest youth-movement, please feel free to revisit some of our work from the past week! As always, be sure to leave comments in the comment box! Enjoy.

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