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Poll: Does Lew Wolff Really Care?

The start of spring training is getting closer, but is your enthusiasm level at an all-time low like mine? Do you find yourself frustrated by the fact that the A’s are doomed to suffer through an excruciating long season filled with disappointment?

The frequent assembling, dismantling, and inconsistent youth movements have grown stale. The A’s are on the brink of falling off the map completely, especially if the team is denied its bid to relocate to the tech-savy city of San Jose. A’s co-owner Lew Wolff and company are, according to popular opinion, running this organization into the ground…on purpose.

Wolff wants the Athletics out of Oakland. It was apparent since day one. Oakland, to Wolff, is not an ideal place for a major league baseball team.

Still, Wolff contends that this winter’s dismantling of his only three All-Stars was not done out of spite for the city of Oakland. According to Wolff, he wants to “win.” Well, the definition of the word “win” is as follows: to be successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict). Does that definition accurately describe the atmosphere currently being created by Wolff?

No. I think the word Wolff is looking for is “loser.” According to our dictionary, the word “loser,” describes a person or thing that loses or has lost something, esp. a game or contest.

This current A’s team is a heavy underdog in the newly stacked American League West, with Wolff seemingly waving the white flag while trying to score a new stadium venue. He’ll throw millions of dollars at the prospects of a new stadium, but he won’t sign the checks necessary to help win games. So, does he really care?

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Does Wolff Really Care?

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