A's Interested In Manny Ramirez?


Manny In Oakland? (Photo Credit: AP Photo)

According to recent rumors, the A’s seem to be interested in signing free agent Manny Ramirez for the 2012 season. Weird, huh?

That’s what I initially thought, too. The A’s, a team that is not expected to compete this year, going after Manny Ramirez seems well, weird. It seems that this would be done just to ensure that people actually show up to the Coliseum this season.

It’s got to look like the team cares, right? Lew Wolff genuinely cares about the team and its fans, doesn’t he?

Maybe. Maybe not. Signing Ramirez, who would still have to serve a 50-game suspension for violating the MLB’s banned substances policy, doesn’t exactly coincide with Oakland’s current rebuilding phase.

At 39, Ramirez’s best days are behind him and he is really not much of an outfielder anymore. Not that he really was much of an outfielder to begin with. Sure, the A’s desperately need a source of power, but why clog up the lineup with Ramirez’s presence? 

Give one of the younger guys like Chris Carter, Michael Taylor, or some other young gun a shot at providing some help on offense. These are the guys Oakland needs to step up, as they’ve proved themselves in the minor leagues and have no where else to go but up. The organization needs to find out if guys like Carter can finally make that big league transition, but signing guys like Ramirez prevents that.

Based on Manny’s track-record, his clubhouse presence could be detrimental to Oakland’s development, too. He hasn’t exactly been the best role model out there, so adding him to the roster could do more harm than good.

Still, Ramirez’s career numbers remain impressive. Ramirez, like Frank Thomas of 2006, could help spark Oakland’s weak offense. The A’s, a team with a dwindling attendance, could give into their temptations to sign the career .312 hitter this year. He’s still a big name with 555 career home runs and 1,831 RBIs.

I’m just not sure if Ramirez is worth signing. Given the A’s current situation, it doesn’t make sense. Then again, you just never know what Billy Beane is up to.

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