Soon To Be The San Jose A's?

MLB To Allow The A's To Move To San Jose? It could happen. (Photo Credit: AP)

Well, it looks like Athletics might actually get the necessary approval from MLB to build a new ballpark in the city of San Jose. The A’s, mired in a three-year stadium debacle, might have some clarity in regards to their bid for a new venue relatively soon. According to a tweet released on Twitter by USA Today writer Bob Nightengale, the A’s will be granted approval for a new ballpark by February.

Rumors are rumors, but given the fact that the A’s have waited nearly three years for an answer, the team should be nearing a resolution to their stadium problem. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig appointed a special committee to oversee and analyze the A’s stadium options, but have yet to release a public recommendation about their findings.

A’s owner Lew Wolff and General Manager Billy Beane have remained cautiously optimistic about their team’s chances at getting a new ballpark built. Beane, who has already traded star pitchers Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez this month, is stockpiling young prospects and hopes to develop those prospects in the coming years. The hope is that these young prospects like the ones received in the Cahill and Gonzalez trades will develop into stars by the time a new stadium is built.

Beane has stated many times before in the past that he expects a decision to be made “soon,” but there hasn’t been much movement on Selig’s part, as the A’s have been stuck in the confines of o.Co Coliseum for a very, very longtime.

The A’s, who have been in a rebuilding mode of sorts during the past few years, have seemingly become more dedicated to the “youth movement,” as evident by the Cahill and Gonzalez trades. They definitely seem more committed to their rebuild, which could suggest that they expect to get the nod for a new stadium. Having a young competitive team coincide with the opening of a new ballpark seems to be Oakland’s number one goal heading into the new year.

Getting approval, though, is the first step in a series of steps towards getting a new stadium built. Luckily for the A’s, that first step seems to be getting closer.



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