Spring Training Update: A's Looking To Move To Mesa

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The A’s are in negotiations to move their Spring Training back to Mesa, Arizona.  I say the word “back” because during the 60’s and 70’s, Mesa was their Spring Training locale, at a place called, Rendezvous Park.  The move is scheduled to be in 2015,when the contract at their current home will expire after the 2014 season.

The news of the possible move is apparently a” hotbed” issue due to the fact that the Chicago Cubs are currently using the park as their training facility and the residents of Mesa voted for an approval of a new stadium for the Cubs last year.  However, it also leaves the voters wondering what will happen with the other baseball venues in the area after the Cubs make their move.

This also poses a problem for the A’s because if they make the move to Mesa what will happen to Phoenix Municipal Stadium where the A’s have been training for almost 30 years.

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