A's Notes: Sizemore Not An Option, Anderson On the Mend?

Former Cleveland Indians Center fielder Grady Sizemore will not be playing for the Oakland A’s next season.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the A’s have no interest in the All Star player.  Now, you may be asking yourself why the A’s, who have stated that all of their players, with the exception of  2B Jemile Weeks, are open to be traded, are not really interested in Sizemore.  Well, it has to do with good ole money.

The A’s are not ready to shell out a hefty payload to the lefty at this point.  This has alot to do with, you guessed it, the stadium relocation to San Jose.  The currently injured Sizemore apparently is too much money to acquire and may be a gamble for Oakland because of that very injury.   For some reason though, I don’t think that Sizemore who has an overall record of .234/.314/.414/.728 will shed a tear if he is not an Oakland Athletic.   Surprisingly, he is also being sought by seven other ball clubs such as the Rangers,  Red Sox, Giants and the Yankees.  For the A’s unfortunately though, this match does not mesh.

A’s starter Brett Anderson is on his way back to the mound for the 2012 season.  Anderson who is 21-23 over his three-year career with the A’s had Tommy John elbow surgery back on July 15 threw some 25 pain free throws at about 45 feet. After his post operative throws he told MLB.com, “It felt kinda weird, like how it would be if you were walking again or riding your bike again for the first time in forever. But after about 10 throws, I felt pretty good, and I realize it’s just one other thing I have to do in this process.”

Since his surgery, he is also on his way to losing the weight that he piled on during his stay on the DL by running and giving up his beloved soda pop.  The hurler says that is has not been easy but understands he has to make the best of the time off so that he can play at top form.


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