A's Fans To Selig: Can We Get An Answer Already?


Can You Hear Us Now? A's fans are growing tired of Bud Selig's handling of the A's current stadium situation. (Photo Credit: AP)

Here we are in mid-July, still searching for answers regarding the Oakland Athletics’ current stadium situation. The A’s currently play in one of the most outdated stadiums in baseball, and major league baseball is doing very little to change that. A’s co-owner Lew Wolff, who has been pushing for a new stadium since purchasing the team in 2005, wants the team out of Oakland.

If it were up to Wolff, the A’s would likely move to San Jose. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and the A’s are currently playing the waiting game while commissioner Bud Selig tries to dance around the A’s stadium issue. Selig appointed a special committee to help analyze all of Oakland’s viable stadium options back in 2009, but here we are in mid-July of 2011 without a clear solution. At the time, Selig noted that the A’s could not survive without a clear solution to their stadium situation:

“Lew Wolff and the Oakland ownership group and management have worked very hard to obtain a facility that will allow them to compete into the 21st century,” Selig said. “To date they, like the two ownership groups in Oakland before them, have been unsuccessful in those efforts, despite having the significant support of their corporate partner Cisco. The time has come for a thorough analysis of why a stadium deal has not been reached. The A’s cannot and will not continue indefinitely in their current situation.” –Bud Selig

 Entering the All-Star break, the Athletics sit in last place in a very weak American League West division, despite boasting one of baseball’s best rotations. The A’s enter the break leading the AL in ERA (3.14) and rank 4th in the AL in quality starts (54). On the flip side of things, however, the A’s rank near the bottom in almost every important offensive category. So this disappointing level of play from Oakland in addition to the frustrating stadium issues have made the 2011 season almost unbareable to watch.

Selig’s treatment of Oakland’s stadium situation has been very poorly mishandled, and speaks volume’s about MLB’s inability to step in and provide leadership when needed. The A’s are playing the waiting game, but the only thing is, is that the A’s are running out of time. The A’s can’t afford to wait, and neither can their fans.

You can read more about the growing frustration about Oakland’s current stadium issue by visiting the Hey Bud, PleaA’se Stop the TeA’se facebook page. And remember to visit Swingin’ A’s for all your latest Oakland Athletics news!

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