A Look At Overstock.com Coliseum

The A's are still trying to get a new stadium...(Photo Credit: Swingin' A's)

As most of you probably already know, the Coliseum which houses the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and MLB’s Oakland A’s was renamed this year as The Overstock.com Coliseum. The Athletics have spent the last few years trying to find the team to a new stadium, and while efforts have definitely been made, there have been no major developments in getting a new stadium.

A’s co-owner Lew Wolff has “exhausted” all options in Oakland, and is trying to relocate the team to San Jose. The small-market A’s believe the new city and new stadium would help generate some much needed revenue to compete with the big boys in baseball like the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig appointed a special committee to evaluate Oakland’s stadium options, but after months of evaluations, the A’s organization is still left waiting for solution.

The A’s would need approval before moving to San Jose, a territory that belongs to the reigning World Champion San Francisco Giants. 

While many fans of the team would like to see the team stay in Oakland, the ownership does not seem interested in keeping the team in Oakland. Since purchasing the team in 2005, the real estate developer Wolff has seemed interested in building the team a new stadium. After several failed attempts, and months of playing the waiting game, A’s fans have grown tired of the team’s stadium situation.

The organization desperately needs a new stadium venue, that much is certain, but where it will be built is still a huge question mark. The A’s are left with playing to small crowds in an outdated stadium with a new name. Right now, the A’s are having trouble gaining ground in the AL West standings as well as in the race to get a new stadium…

For more on the newly named Overstock.com Coliseum, check out Stadium Journey’s in-depth look at the coliseum. You can visit the site by clicking here.

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