A’s Tyson Ross Injured In Team’s Loss vs. Twins

The Oakland A’s injury woes never seem to stop, with Tyson Ross becoming the latest Athletics player to succumb to the injury bug that seems to inhibit the hallways of the Coliseum. Ross, who had been filling in for Dallas Braden (who’s out for the year), suffered an injury during the first inning of Thursday’s 11-1 loss at home against the Minnesota Twins.

The severity of Ross’ injury is still unknown, but with Braden already out for the season, losing Ross for any extended period of time could be another big blow to Oakland’s starting rotation.

According to Jane Lee of MLB.com, Ross suffered a left oblique strain. The A’s are probably hoping that the injury does not cause Ross to miss a substantial amount of time, as Ross was pitching extremely well in the backend of Oakland’s talented rotation.

The A’s team health has been an issue before in recent seasons, with many of their core players like Mark Ellis, Kurt Suzuki, Coco Crisp, and other having battled nagging injuries before in the past. The A’s rotation includes Trevor Cahill, Brett Anderson, Gio Gonzalez, and Brandon McCarthy. Ross is a big part of that rotation, and the A’s are definitely hoping for the best with Ross.

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  • Sergio

    Two notes:
    As a person who has struggled with backbone problems all his life, I am very aware of cramping and joint injuries. The A’s seem to have their share of those, so I question whether the team trainers are active enough in two prophylactic activities with their players: deep breathing exercises and therapeutic massage. Both are not part of standard medicine, though are well known in athletic circles. Both are preventive medical techniques, and an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

    My second observation is that, to attract attendance in Oakland, the A’s should pay more attention the the ethnic make up of the team. In particular, it is unsettling that the team does not have currently a single Latin player, while the Oakland community has a high Latin population percentage. That in itself is a good enough reason to insist in the use of players like Cardenas and Moscoso, who are doing well in AAA ball – but, the team keeps promoting other players, who do not reflect the community mix. It is enough to see the continuous calls for the promotion of Weeks and the popularity of Tyson Ross, to see the importance of ethnicity to Oakland fans. Of course, the Latin population is much more reserved, and rarely speaks up to express their concerns.

    • Joseph Lopez


      First off, thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment here on the site. It’s much appreciated!

      Secondly, I really agree with the two points you make in your comment. The A’s have had some serious problems in the past with keeping their players healthy, and that is a result of poor team trainers. Keeping your players healthy and out of the trainer’s room should be your number one priority. Last time I checked, you can’t win a championship if your best players on sidelined with injuries. Appealing to a bigger demographic, and showing a connection with fans are both two very important things as well. The A’s have Adrian Cardenas, who could certainly make a big difference for the team, waiting in Triple-A.

      Thanks again for your opinions and insight!