A's To Play Rangers In 4 Game Series Before All Star Game

It looks like the A’s will get to play one extra game with Texas before the big All Star game in mid- July all because of our friend, Mother Nature.  Heavy rain in Texas washed out the game last Wednesday during middle of the fourth inning.  A blessing for Oakland and not so much for Texas, where they were leading 7-0 when the game was officially called for delay.  I am sure it left both the fans as well as the Rangers reeling because the entire game will have to be played.

Rescheduling the game was an easy decision due to the fact that it was considered an off-day for both teams and it does not violate any kind of agreements of collective bargaining between the owners and players.

This move will push the game to July and will round out the series between the two teams before the start of the All Star game,  which is also considered crunch time for all the baseball teams who want to be in contention for any kind of play off opportunity.  An opportunity that the A’s need to take full advantage of if they are to compete during the last leg of the season.

There was another options in rescheduling this game to early September however, that would mean that A’s would have to play 20 games in 20 days, placing the teams into a double header.

There is good news for those Ranger and A’s fans who were forced to leave the game though.  Due to the May 11th game being delayed those Ranger fans who have kept their tickets stubs will be able to go to the July 7th game and for those who cannot make it to that game, those fans will have a chance to exchange those tickets for any Sunday through Thursday home game for the remaining 2011 season.  A gesture any baseball fan would appreciate from both the venue and it’s team.








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