Coco Crisp Reflects On 2011 Season

Coco Crisp was interviewed on CBS5’s GameDay this past weekend and he told sports reporter Dennis O’Donnell that he was postive about this upcoming season and the changes and new players that are going to contribute to the teams playoffs hopes.

Of course, nothing was mentioned regarding  last Wednesday mornings incident in which the speedy lead off outfielder was arrested for DUI.   The next day he did apologize for his actions stating that, “”I’m sorry and that sorry is genuine. A lot of people look up to me and obviously this was not the right decision.”

He wants to put that night behind him and focus on what is important, the game.  Crisp has been hitting close to 500 at Spring training which is tremendous.  Last year he played 75 games and averaged .279 with 51 runs and 32 steals, all the while battling injury.

Crisp was asked where he would like be as far as how many games he would like to play.  His response was that he has played in 140 games career wise and would like to top or come close to that in an all out effort for his team.

He also reflected on the differences between last years team to this years team.  Crisp said that there are definitely more veterans on this years team.  With the combination of himself, David DeJesus, Josh Willingham and Hideki Matsui, you know what to expect with them.  They are not only great players but very valuable in mentorship to the A’s many younger players as well.  The A’s goal is to make it to the playoffs and be on the same playing level as their neighbors across the bay, the Giants.

Crisp also talked about how A’s pitching has always been the backbone of the team.  However, now that Billy Beane did a remarkable job in recruiting this season, there should be great offense now and that they have a fighting chance to make it to this  years playoffs.  He stressed though that they have to be vigilant of injuries.  As you know, injuries plagued this team last year and that might of been one of the factors of why they did not make the playoff during the 2010 season. This year they have the combination of both power and upgrade on both defense and offense.

On a lighter note, reporter Dennis O’Donnell asked why the team had 18 closers and Crisp chuckled that having that many was not a bad thing.  They also have 32 outfielders that are very good at what they do.  So I guess that having that many options is a good thing.  With Coco Crisp leading the way, how can this team possibly go wrong.

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