2011 Preseason Fantasy All-Division Dream Team

With spring training just weeks away, the FanSided Network has decided to put together a challenge that will knock your socks off!

This collaborative project, which will include all AL West FanSided Blogs, will ultimately create a position-by-position team All Star Team made up entirely of AL West players. Swingin’ A’s, Nolan Writin’, Sodo Mojo, and Halo Hangout will go through each position to determine the division’s finest.

When the roster is complete, it will be pitted against other American League All-Star lineups in a fan vote. In the end, the best AL lineup will play against the NL lineup in an All-Star “World Series” to see which division can put together the best overall roster.

So, be sure to check back to see which A’s players make the cut to appear on the AL West All-Division Dream Team!

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