Dear Santa, the Oakland A’s would like a…

Dear Santa,

The Oakland A’s, more importantly, the fans of the Oakland A’s would like a power bat or an impact hitter for the middle of the order this Christmas. I know this letter is just a little late, but the Oakland A’s really need a powerful bat to help out the team for the 2011 season. The A’s finished 81-81 on the season, and the team ranked 28th in baseball in home runs hit (109), and that simply won’t do. The A’s need more power for their lineup. I know we added Hideki Matsui and Josh Willingham recently, but we need one more bat, honest we do.

The A’s would benefit from someone like free agent 3B Adrian Beltre (hint, hint, wink, wink), but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Santa, all we want is one more power bat for our offense.


#1 A’s fan

*On a side note, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers. Please enjoy this special Holiday season, and be safe! Thanks again for making Swingin’ A’s your number one source for all A’s related news.

-Swingin’ A’s staff

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  • WhiteboyBen

    I really really really really really really want us to get Beltre. Without him we’ll do just fine and with him we’ll do better. but Jesus tap dancing Christ how much longer do we have to wait in suspense until this fuck finally makes a desicion? Its killing me. The day he finally signs to a team will bring me a feeling simmilar to the feeling when you finally took a huge shit after having to hold it for way too long. And if he signs with the A’s it will bring me a feeling simmilar to the feeling you would get if you had a boner for 3 weeks and had a hump marathon until finally the nut has been busted! Jus get it over with Boras dammit!

    • Joseph Lopez

      Haha, I definitely agree with you. Beltre would really make a difference for the A’s on offense. If he truly is interested in joining the A’s, I think the team should go after him once again. Their initial offer of 5-years/$64mil isn’t too far behind the Angels’ reported offer of 5yr/$70mil. The A’s could still be in the running for Beltre. There’s always hope.

      • WhiteboyBen

        yeah but i dunno they should go after him. were fine without him and he kinda dogged us because of our stadium and whatever else 2 YEARS IN A ROW. We shouldn’t feel bullied into upping our offer. The angels already took their offer off the table (as we did which really doesnt mean much) and we have more money left than the angels so i think when it close to deadline time he will either sign with the angels bc he wants to be close to his southern california home or hes gonna come to us with head down sayin “sorry for what i said i wanna sign with you” and that will be that. either way well be ok

        • Joseph Lopez

          You make some good points. Beltre has given the A’s the cold shoulder twice now, and that’s a strong indication that he’s probably not all that interested in joining the team. Regardless of whether or not Oakland is able to land Beltre, I like where the A’s are headed. The pitching talent is there, and with guys like DeJesus, Willingham, and Matsui, the A’s should be an improved club this season.