A's Beane Expects Stadium Issue to Be Addressed Soon

Before the start of this season, the Athletics had tried to bring 3B Adrian Beltre and IF Marco Scutaro to Oakland. Unfortunately, the A’s front office could not persuade either player in joining the team for the 2010 season. Despite having a young rotation full of promise, the A’s Coliseum, which they share with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, is not particularly appealing to most free agents. The field is really depleted once football season starts. Also, what player would want to come to a coliseum that fails to attract more than 10,000 fans a night?

With the A’s looking to move to a new stadium, a move from Oakland is looking more and more likely. Fans are understandably upset, but in order for the A’s to survive as a franchise a move to a new stadium is vital. Despite his criticisms for his failure for never having won a championship, A’s GM Billy Beane still remains one of baseball’s greatest minds. Beane has put together a pitching staff that, in my mind, has the foundation for another ‘Big Three.’ Brett Anderson, Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzalez are primed for successful major league careers (barring any injuries), and ideally the A’s would like to hold onto these players. With a new stadium, the A’s could have the chance of also gaining financial stability.

With their situation still unclear, however, the A’s are not going to be making any careless moves this winter. The A’s, who are expected to shed $20+ million this winter when they get both Ben Sheets and Eric Chavez off the books, will have money to spend. But despite this bigger budget, the A’s insist that it is only for this upcoming season. In other words, don’t expect them to have an excess of money every year. The A’s would like to lock up some of their younger guys, but they’d also like to showcase them in a new stadium. Once the A’s receive news about their current stadium issue, their future will likely become more clear, thus allowing Beane to evaluate the A’s options this winter.

**Also, you can take a look below to see the A’s attendance records as well. 2010 has yet to have been calculated…

YEAR A’s Game Avg. A’s Season Total A.L. Average A’s Win-Loss Record
2000 19,922 1,728,885 2,262,557 91-70, 1st AL West
2001 26,339 2,133,477 2,346,071 102-60, 2nd AL West
2002 26,788 2,169,811 2,207,891 103-59, 1st AL West
2003 27,365 2,216,596 2,191,745 96-66, 1st AL West
2004 27,179 2,201,516 2,340,422 91-71, 2nd AL West
2005 26,040 2,109,298 2,360,452 88-74, 2nd AL West
2006 24,402 1,976,625 2,458,741 93-69, 1st AL West
2007 23,726 1,921,844 2,527,968 76-86, 3rd AL West
2008 19,986 1,578,922 2,464,986 75-86, 3rd AL West
2009 17,392 1,408,783 2,305,178 75-87, 4th AL West

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