A's Review: Ryan Sweeney

Before reading on about Ryan Sweeney’s performance for the 2010 season, please take a look back at my off-season preview piece about Sweeney.

The A’s traded away fan-favorite Nick Swisher back in 2007, and while it may seem like an eternity, I must say that I’ve gotten over the whole Swisher-to-the-White Sox deal. In return for “Swish,” as he was so famously known in Oakland, the A’s received pitcher Gio Gonzalez, and outfielder Ryan Sweeney. Gonzalez, who has matured quite nicely this season in Oakland’s starting rotation, is one reason why I don’t think too much about the Swisher deal anymore. Sweeney, an outfielder who’s season was cut short this year due to injury, is the second reason why I don’t mind the Swisher deal anymore.

In the three seasons Sweeney has been with the A’s, he’s averaged a .291/.347/.391 batting clip while launching a total of 12 homers with the green-and-gold. He’s not much of a power guy, but he is more of a consistent hitter. Ideally, the A’s would like a powerful OF, but with Sweeney they get consistency. Sure he’s not going to hit a ton of homers, but he’s a guy I wouldn’t mind to have at the plate with the game on the line. Sweeney’s defensive abilities are also incredible, as he’s just as consistent out there on defense as he is at the plate.

Unfortunately for the A’s, however, Sweeney’s shaky knees led to his season-ending stint on the DL. Prior to landing on the DL, Sweeney was leading the team in average (.291), and was among the more consistent hitters on the A’s anemic offense. When healthy, Sweeney has the potential to be a .290/.300 hitter, and has the talent to win a gold glove or two.

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