A's Cahill On Fire

Okay, let’s rewind back to last season. The A’s debuted a rotation that included youngsters Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill. In 2009, the A’s finished in last place for a third straight year, but had reasons to believe that the future would be exceedingly bright. Anderson won 11 games while posting a respectable 4.06 ERA in his freshman season, while Cahill went 10-13 with a 4.63 ERA.

This season, the young A’s rotation has been solid and reliable for the most part. Anderson, who signed a four-year deal earlier this season, is injured but is working his way back. Anderson, in six starts has gone 2-1 with a 2.35 ERA. It seemed, early on that Anderson was the A’s new ace. However, after suffering an injury, Anderson has been trying to work his way back on to the field.

Cahill, who struggled last season from time to time with his command, appears to be the A’s new unofficial ace. Cahill is 7-2 and has an ERA of 2.88. He leads the A’s in wins and in ERA, and once Anderson comes back the A’s rotation could be even better.

Earlier this season, I made a bold prediction that Anderson and Cahill would combine to win 25 games this season for the A’s. Anderson has two and Cahill has seven, meaning right now their total is nine. Of course, Anderson has been out with an injury, but once he comes back expect these two to get things done for Oakland.

Last season Anderson and Cahill recorded double-digit wins in their rookie season, so saying that the two will reach wins in the double-digits isn’t much of a stretch. If Anderson does indeed, come back after the All-Star break the A’s will have two very talented young pitchers in their rotation.

Right now, however, it’s been all Cahill. Cahill recorded his seventh win this season last night against the visiting Cincinnati Reds. In his performance, Cahill recorded an impressive ten strikeouts.

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