Don't Look Now, But...

The Oakland A’s are having trouble keeping their players healthy for a full-season. In fact, the other day when the A’s were in Anaheim, my uncle quipped that the A’s probably get their players from thrift stores. Naturally, I laughed at the joke. However, upon further thought, I am growing concerned about the A’s frequent injury woes.

I mean if it isn’t Justin Duchscherer, it’s Eric Chavez. And if it’s not them, it’s either Mark Ellis or Coco Crisp that manage to get their name put on the DL. Both Duchscherer and Chavez have been placed on the DL, and both are attempting to come back at some point during the season. Chavez is dealing with two bulging disks in his neck (how the heck does that happen?) and Duchscherer is battling yet another injured hip. It seems as if the A’s are constantly dealing with injuries. I know baseball is game full of bumps and bruises, but the A’s seem to take it to a whole new level.

Prior to today’s game against the Orioles, OF Coco Crisp (who was activated just three days ago) was a late scratch (most likely due to some disclosed injury). The A’s seemingly have the ability to hide some of their players’ ailments. Chavez, who was thought to be relatively healthy for the season, hid his discomfort and did not even let Bob Geren know about his discomfort until last week. Crisp did not comment on the late scratch, and neither did Geren, who never seems to have anything to say.

To make matters worse, SP Dallas Braden (winless since his perfect game), was taken out of the game in the fourth inning. Braden’s exit is accredited to a sore or “tender” left ankle. Geren and Curt Young came out to visit Braden, after he uncharacteristically walked consecutive batters in the fourth. The team decided it would be best to remove Braden, and Braden seems to think he’ll be OK in time for his next start.

It’s almost June, and the A’s are in a division that is up for grabs, so Beane and Co. better find a way to keep their players healthy for the long-run. My advice: stop shopping at the thrift-store (just kidding).

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