Where Are the Fans?

MLB: Oakland vs. Seattle April 8

The A's are in first place, so where are the fans? (Photo: Courtesy of Yardbarker.com)

Last night, the Oakland Athletics welcomed the defending world champs, but the coliseum was practically non-existent. I mean, c’mon! The Yankees are in town! It’s David vs. Goliath. What other reasons do people need in order to come see an A’s-Yanks game?

The announced crowd of 19, 849 was only 56.6% of the Coliseum’s capacity (w/tarps). On top of that, Yankees fans showed up in larger numbers than A’s fans did. Or at least it seemed like it (there was too much blue in the crowd). Anyway, this recent showing of support only reinforces the fact that the Oakland Athletics cannot survive much longer without a new stadium.

For all those who want to keep, “their A’s in Oakland,” the A’s cannot and will not survive in Oakland for much longer. For all those Billy Beane critics out there, don’t look now, but Oakland is quietly building a contender for future seasons. How wonderful it would be to showcase their talented young players in a newly designed stadium! 

The A’s young pitching staff is getting better with every game, and the fact that the A’s locked up future ace, Brett Anderson should be an indication that the team is serious about building a contender. The Anderson deal should be the first of many deals for the A’s, and that should encourage the thinning fan base.

Watching guys like Giambi, Tejada, Mulder, Hudson, Haren and Swisher leave (or traded) in their prime was difficult to see, but some of the quirky Billy Beane deals are beginning to pay off. Like I’ve said all spring, Brett Anderson is going to be an ace in this league for many years. Gio Gonzalez, who is a young talented pitcher himself, is also becoming more mature as he gains more experience. And Ryan Sweeney, who came over with Gio in the Swisher-deal, has started the season batting .302/.371/.377 with 9 RBIs.

Regardless of whether or not the A’s will contend this season is irrelevent. The A’s are building a contender and that’s all that should matter. The young pitching core will be supported soon enough by the likes of top-prospects Michael Taylor, Chris Carter, Adrian Cardenas and Jemile Weeks. Right now, there’s not much support at the Coliseum and that’s sad to see. Watching young players like Anderson and Bailey emerge as stars is one the best things about baseball. Hopefully tonight there will be a much bigger show of support for the A’s.

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